Adelaide Nth LM/ Melbourne St Laundromat
  • 21 Sep 2023
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Adelaide Nth LM/ Melbourne St Laundromat

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Article Summary

Adelaide Nth LM/Melbourne St Laundromat/OS Laundromat

  • Vouchers for Friends, Service Providers, Customers or Shifts moved to the LM 
    • See Voucher Codes for Friends, SPs, & Customers towards the bottom of the Asana task description.
      • voucher codes can be re-used until the full $ amount is used up
      • provide a new voucher code to the volunteer team for each shift
      • volunteers should call Service Support before moving their shift to the laundromat
    • See information and process in Staff Portal
  • Escalation Points
    • Workflow for escalating/resolving issues & questions
  • Shift Information
    • Adelaide Nth LM Shift Guide
      • includes instructions for using the Tangerpay Paypont digital payment system for running the washers & dryers, accessing equipment etc, end of shift tasks, safe places
    • Asana Task for the Shift (within ADL Service Project)
  • General Melbourne St Laundromat Information
    • Laundromat ADL FAQs (& Code Process) Subtasks
      • Includes info on how to reset the free code, where equipment is stored, how to change the detergent drum etc
    • Urgent issues with the OS Laundromat that need resolving contact SOPs
  • Tangerpay
  • FAQs
    • What is the free code for the payment/washing system? ADLVC. Only to be used for Monday shift, will not work at other times.
    • What is the access code for the storeroom? 1945
    • Who should a paying customer contact if they have an issue with the laundromat? Call the HQ Enquiry line on 07 3067 5800, staffed Mon-Fri 9 am to 5 pm.
    • How do I operate the Tangerpay Paypont Payment Kiosk (tablet)? See this guide Using the Tangerpay Payment Kiosk.
    • What do I do if the Tangerpay Paypont Payment Kiosk (tablet) is not working? See Troubleshooting Tangerpay & FAQs. Note that the payment system & washers/dryers can also be activated via smartphone and/or a weblink, see Tangerpay Payment via Smartphone. Please also log an incident report.
    • See also Laundromat ADL FAQs (& Code Process) Subtasks
  • Other Links
  • Contacts & Support
    • HQ Staff Shayne Herriott - issues with payment system, washing machines & dryers, laundromat property, customer complaints TBC
    • ADL AVL - Marcus Verway
    • Shift Team Leaders - Linda Pietris 0419652666

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