Assistant Vehicle Leader Position Description
  • 29 May 2023
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Assistant Vehicle Leader Position Description

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Article summary

Position Title: Assistant Vehicle Leader

Role Purpose/How You Help 

The Assistant Vehicle Leader role is fundamental to maintaining one of the most important aspects of Orange Sky - the van. The Assistant Vehicle Leader will work closing with the Vehicle Leader to share the responsibilities of maintaining the van. It would be advantageous if you have experience in minor vehicle repairs and vehicle maintenance (in-depth mechanical knowledge or skill is NOT required for this role).

Supervision & Reporting 

It is the Vehicle Leader's responsibility to complete the weekly van checklist to ensure the van is always safe, clean and well stocked. As the Assistant Vehicle Leader you will assist where needed. This role will report directly to the Vehicle Leader and work closely with the Service Leader and Regional Coordinator and will work closely with our volunteers to make sure the van is operating each week. 

Key Responsibilities

It is the Assistant Vehicle Leader's responsibility to work alongside the Vehicle Leader and support as needed.  This might mean completing the weekly van checklist to ensure the van is always safe, clean and well stocked. The Service Leader and HQ team will support the Vehicle & Assistant Vehicle Leader with Vehicle incidents, maintenance, stock and repairs.

Some of the key responsibilities are:

  • Secondary point (after the Vehicle Leader) of contact for all vehicle related support & basic troubleshooting
  • Carry out regular checks to the vehicle ensuring the van is safe for operation
  • General up-keep and maintenance of the vehicle including washing & cleaning the van on a monthly basis
  • Organising servicing of the vehicle and its systems with contractors, and transporting the vehicle or arranging other volunteers to assist
  • Building and maintaining relationships with local contractors
  • Check in with Vehicle Leader and Service Leader or Regional Coordinator on a regular basis
  • At all times embrace & promote Orange Sky’s culture of ensuring safe and supportive service environments
  • Other ad hoc tasks allocated by the Service Leader or Regional Coordinator
  • Time Required: Up to 5 flexible hours per week but can vary pending demands on service.

Please note: many of these responsibilities will be shared with the Vehicle Leader or may only be required when they on leave.

How we help you

A comprehensive onboarding & training program will be provided to ensure the volunteer is able to successfully fulfil the role. Training will be provided across Asana, Volaby, WhatsApp & any other programs you may be required to use.

Support is available from the team at HQ as required.


Approximately 5 flexible hours per week but can vary pending demands on service.

Skills Required: 

  • Confidence in learning new technologies or platforms (training will be provided)
  • Willing to give things a crack

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