Clean Water Troubleshooting
  • 09 Apr 2024
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Clean Water Troubleshooting

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Article Summary

Clean Water Troubleshooting

The purpose of this guide is to identify and troubleshoot issues with the Washing Machines.

Possible reasons for the call
  • No water in machines
  • No water in showers
  • No sound to pump
  • Tank is not filling
  • Tank is filling when not selected
  • Washing machine IE (Inlet error)

Step 1: Identify

Step 2: Display Panel Errors

Step 3: Fuse

Step 4: Next steps

Step 1: Identify the problem

  1. Water source issues
    Find out whether the van is operating from the tank or from the tap.
    • Is the mains tap turned on? 
    • Is the clean hose kinked/squashed? Is the hose fully extended?

    If tap is on and hose is not kinked, you can ask the volunteer to run off tank water. 

    1. Is there water in the tank?
    2. Press the tap icon on the control panel to run off tank water.
    3. Proceed to step 4

    • Is the water tap illuminated green on the display panel?
    • Does the tank have water in it?
    • Is the van parked on an angle? (If so, move the van to a level surface)
    • If the machine still does not have power, proceed to step 2
  2. Issues with filling the clean water tank 
    1. If you are trying to fill the clean water tank
      1. Is the tap icon on the display panel illuminated green? (If not, press once to turn on)
      2. Is the main tap turned on? (If not, turn on)
      3. If the tank still does not fill, proceed to step 2
    2. If you want to stop the tank from filling/overflowing
      1. Is the tap icon on the display panel illuminated green? (If yes, press once to turn off)
      2. Have you turned off the mains tap? (If not, turn off)

Step 2: Display panel errors

Check the display panel for errors

Step 3: Fuse Replacement

Volunteer Check-In
Ensure the volunteer is comfortable with the required quick fixes

Step 4: Communicate the next step to the volunteers

Diagnostic complete, the issue cannot be resolved on shift. You will need to either

  1. Run the shift with reduced capacity
  2. Have a conversation only shift
  3. Pack up and go home

Clearly communicate the options to the volunteer as per the Decision Guide and ensure an incident report has been submitted in order to alert individuals according to the escalation process.

Requirements for an incident report:

  • What was the first indication of an issue?
  • What steps were followed on Service Support?
  • What was the shift outcome?

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