Detergent Pump Compression Tube Change
  • 05 Feb 2024
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Detergent Pump Compression Tube Change

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Article summary

Brightwell Peristaltic Detergent Pump 
Replacing Compression Tubes

Hazards and Risks

  • Enclosed space
  • Pinch hazard 

Equipment Required

  • 4 x replacement Brightwell tubes
  • 2 x lubrication satchel 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The following PPE must be worn when performing this task


Choosing the correct compression tube

Low-flow pumps

  • To be replaced every 6 months
  • Use the 6mm BrightChem tube with red barbed connectors

Note: check carefully to make sure the connectors are barbed and not smooth.

High-flow pumps

  • To be replaced every 12 months
  • Use 10mm BrightChem tubes with white barbed connectors


Remove detergent tubes

  • Cut away the clear detergent tubes connected to the detergent pump’s connectors. 


Remove pump cover

  • Unclip both white tabs on the side of the pump and slide the pump cover out. 


Remove old compression tube 

Note: Gloves are advised for this section due to handling the silicone grease.

  • Unclip both tube connectors from the pump frame

  • Using your thumb or finger, push one connector back up into the pump

  • Repeat with the other connector
  • Pull the tube out from the pump and discard


Install new compression tube

Note: Gloves are advised for this section due to handling the silicone grease.

  • Cut the top off the silicone grease

  • Wipe out the old grease from inside the motor cover and pump wheels and apply new grease 

  • Apply grease to the compression tube and use a finger to smooth it over its entire rubber surface

  • Feed one end of the compression tube into the pump and clip the connector into the frame

  • Bend the compression tube over and feed into the other side of the pump

  • Use the motor cover to push the tube down into place

  • Clip the compression tube’s last connector into the frame

  • Clip both of the pump cover’s white tabs into the frame

  • Use an old cloth to wipe off the excess silicone grease

Note: silicone grease is hydrophobic and will be difficult to wash away with water. To clean your hands, remove the majority of grease with a dry cloth and then rigorously  use soap and water to remove the rest


Re-attach the detergent tubes

  • Push the ends of the detergent tubes back onto the compression tube’s connectors, ensuring the in and out tubes are connected to the correct side of the pump

  • Secure the tubes in place with a cable tie


Prime the pumps

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