General Vehicle FAQ's
  • 03 Jun 2024
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General Vehicle FAQ's

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General Vehicle FAQ's

This guide should be used to help volunteers with any general vehicle questions, for vehicle specific information please access the Asset information table. Refer to the table of contents to navigate quickly to sections.

FAQ: Vehicle weight; can I carry water or a passenger?

For all battery-powered (upgraded) laundry vans or converted HV's (Laurie, Poppy, Monty): 

  • Teams can choose to carry EITHER a passenger or water 

FAQ: How do I call Roadside Assistance for general vehicle issues?

For Australia: 
Fleet Card: 1300 975 114

Isuzu: 1800 947 898 (Remote vehicles)

All New Zealand Vans:  account number: 7914918membership number: 

Calling from NZ: Business team: 0800 734 543 OR 0800 500 222 

Calling from AU: +64 9 966 8688

    • An automated voice will ask for the purpose of your call 
    • Reply with “Roadside Assistance” 
    • The automated voice will respond: “Transferring you to the breakdown team”

If the van is bogged or requires towing, some vans do not have a designated tow point. Please encourage volunteers to follow the instructions of the tow-truck drivers. 

FAQ: What is the lockbox code or van base location?
Click here and select the service location. 

FAQ: What to do about a flat tyre?

All vans do not carry spare tyres on board. Please call roadside assistance and advise the van needs to be towed back to van base. A red incident report should be submitted so the VL can assist in rectifying the flat tyre. 

FAQ: Hybrid sliding side door won’t open?

The hybrid Mercedes sliding doors have a locking pin at both ends of the door. What will of happened is the sliding door won’t have been completely shut properly at both the front and rear when the van was last locked. Therefore the rear of the door has to be pushed in to reset the locking mechanism before the door can be unlocked and opened. 

If problems persist, organise roadside assist.

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