General Volunteer Position Description
  • 20 Sep 2021
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General Volunteer Position Description

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Reports toTeam Leader and Service Coordinator
Volunteer hours1x (2-4 hr) shift a week/fortnight (not including travel time)
Role purpose

As a general volunteer, the purpose of your role is to engage with all people during your Orange Sky shift and assist with driving the van, washing, shower operation and having genuine conversations.

We have laundry and shower vans in our different service locations. The service you'll be required to operate will depend on your location and our volunteering needs in that area

Role relationshipsYou will develop close working relationships with:
  • Friends (people experiencing homelessness)
  • Team leader(s) and other volunteers
  • Service Coordinator(s) and Service Leader(s)
  • Service providers

Role responsibilities

As a member of the OSA team in support of our mission, vision and values, your responsibilities are as follows:

  • Operate the OSA vehicle only within the shift times advertised and in full accordance with Orange Sky’s safety procedures.
  • Abide by all policies and procedures in the OSA Family Handbook while representing Orange Sky on shift, at events, online or at any other time.
  • Report all incidents that occur no matter how small or insignificant, and participate in any follow-up communications required in the incident debriefing process.
  • Must take reasonable steps to respond to all communication in a timely manner via phone, email or in person with all other members of the Orange Sky Family.
  • Engage in positive and genuine conversations with all friends, volunteers, service partners and members of the public.
  • Assist in driving the van to shift (if applicable).
  • Actively engage and utilise Orange Sky’s technical resources such as the OSA App and Portal.
  • Help to train newer volunteers on shift operations, onsite hazards/mitigation strategies and OSA App operation.
  • Attend team social events e.g. birthday and Christmas celebrations.
  • Encourage friends to load their own laundry into the machines and if necessary carefully load the articles of clothing into the machines.
  • Ensure friends have access to a safe warm shower, by following shower operational procedures.
Selection criteria

To be considered for a volunteer position with Orange Sky, applications must:

  • Demonstrate the characteristics of an Orange Sky person.
  • Demonstrate their willingness and ability to engage in clear verbal conversations of a positive and non-judgmental nature with people experiencing homelessness.
  • Have the physical ability to operate equipment including the washing machines, dryers, generator/power, hoses/tanks and clean showers.
  • Be able to comprehend and adhere to all safety and operational procedures
  • Demonstrate a commitment to Orange Sky and their mission to positively connect communities.

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