LOTF Toowoomba - Wyalla Coinwash Laundromat Shift
  • 21 Sep 2023
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LOTF Toowoomba - Wyalla Coinwash Laundromat Shift

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Article Summary

  • Escalation Points
    • Any issues with washing machines, dryers, or Tangerpay Paypont digital payment system ask volunteers to call Steve Thompson the Laundromat owner 0419 740 107 (private mobile number). Log an incident report.
    • If any general public/commercial customers have issues with the laundromat or machines refer them to call 0455 186 579 (public mobile number for owner Steve Thompson)
  • FAQs
    • What is the free code for the payment/washing system? OSKY9
    • What is the code for the storeroom digital lock or storeroom key box? 2578
    • Why can’t we activate/use the top loader washing machine closest to the store room door? - All of the front loader and top loader washing machines are connected to the Tangerpay payment system, except for the top loader washing machine closes to the storeroom door (hence the free code will not work for that machine).
    • How do I operate the Tangerpay Paypont Payment Kiosk (tablet)? See this guide Using the Tangerpay Payment Kiosk and Troubleshooting Tangerpay & FAQs.
    • What do I do if the Tangerpay Paypont Payment Kiosk (tablet) is not working? See Troubleshooting Tangerpay & FAQs. Note that the payment system & washers/dryers can also be activated via smartphone and/or a weblink, see Tangerpay Payment via Smartphone. Please also call the Laundromat Owner to let them know the system is down and log an incident report.
  • Links to Information Sources & Quick Guides
  • Contacts & Support
    • Steve Thompson - Laundromat Owner - 0419 740 107 (private mobile number)
    • Public Customer Issues with Laundromat/Machines customers to call 0455 186 579
    • Team Leaders Kate Taylor 0478 654 604 (Thurs) and Lauren Rolls 0427 048 105 (Tues)
    • Service Leader Kate Taylor 0478 654 604

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