Service Support through Doc360
  • 11 Jan 2024
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Service Support through Doc360

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Article summary

Using the Service Support Landing Page

Click here for the Service Support Landing Page 

  • Quick links to 
    • Volaby Incident Reporting 
    • Asana Vehicle Incidents 
    • Asana People Incidents
  • Overview of troubleshooting flows 
  • View shifts and asset info airtables 
  • Search function in airtable for key phrases
Best Practice
Bookmark the Service Support Landing Page for quick access

1. Troubleshooting flows

  • There is a troubleshooting flow for each van system
  • All flows follow a simple diagnostic process
    • Identify the problem 
    • Run quick fixes
    • Communicate next steps to the volunteer
    • Lodge an incident report
  • Throughout the troubleshooting flows, you will notice links to other flows or later sections, this will help speed up the process

Table of contents

Navigate to the information you need

Possible Reasons for the call 

Key search terms - If you are unsure of which system the issue is which, use the search bar to quickly find the correct flow

Visual of the process (Orange step by step flow)

Quickly see what steps you will follow

Steps to resolve

The steps you need to resolve issues related to the system are all in the troubleshooting guide


Yellow reminders to help guide volunteers

Red warnings highlight important information related to quick fixes


Blue indicates a required process that you should follow

2. FAQ's

Vehicle FAQ’s - have access to common questions related to vehicles such as; who to call for roadside assistance, can there be a passenger or where is the spare tyre?
People FAQ’s (to be built out) - recommended to include a link to Airtable with safe spaces, escalation points and tips on managing people-related incidents in real-time. 

3. Laundomats 

  • LOTF Shift Questions - while this information is being loaded onto Airtable; each LOTF shift has its own article
  • Tangerpay FAQ’s

Best Practice 

  • As a user 
    • Bookmark the ‘Service Support Landing Page’ 
    • Note down any errors or missing information to be updated 
  • As an administrator
    • Use templates to maintain consistency in flows 
    • Use ‘Snippets’ for reaping information; currently the ‘communicate next steps to volunteers’, ‘volunteer check in’, ‘fuse reset procedure’ and ‘fuse replacement procedure’ are all snippets 
    • Link other flows and article headings for easy access 
    • Update flows when 
    • New information is released 
    • Best practice is changed
    • Assets are upgraded (or removed)

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