What automated email communications do volunteers receive?
  • 24 May 2023
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What automated email communications do volunteers receive?

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Article summary

The below summarises the automated emails volunteers will receive while volunteering with Orange Sky.

  1. Email verification
    When a volunteer first applies to volunteer through our website they will receive an email verification.

  2. Profile approved
    All initial volunteer profiles are automatically approved. To progress their applications volunteers now need to complete their onboarding tasks.

  3. Weekly reminders of incomplete tasks
    Weekly reminders are sent to volunteers to complete any outstanding onboarding tasks.

  4. Once a volunteer has completed all of their onboarding tasks we will review their information and if necessary contact the volunteer for further information (ie. medical information or conflicts of interest). When we approve their application volunteers receive an automated email from Volaby confirming their profile is complete and a welcome email from Orange Sky detailing how to apply for volunteer positions (activities) in Volaby.

    Your profile is complete

    Welcome email

  5. Reminder to apply for volunteer positions. If a volunteer hasn't applied for activities in Volaby within the first few days they are sent a follow up SMS followed by two phone calls.

  6. You've been added to a team. When a volunteer is added to a activity/team they receive an automated email.

    Please note: if you add a volunteer to an activity you need to send the Team Leader an email notifying them of the new volunteer. Click here for the email template to use.
  7. Promoted to Activity Leader. If a volunteer is promoted to Activity Leader (Team Leader) an email from Volaby is generated.

    Please note: if you are promoting a volunteer to the Team Leader position please follow instructions in the article 'How do I promote a volunteers to Activity Leaders (Team Leaders)?'.

  8. Exit email. Within two weeks of a volunteer being retired from Volaby they will receive an email asking them to complete an exit interview and be given the opportunity to continue volunteering.


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