Waru Dryer Troubleshooting
  • 09 Apr 2024
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Waru Dryer Troubleshooting

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Article Summary

Waru Dryer Troubleshooting 

The purpose of this guide is to identify and troubleshoot issues with the Waru Dryers.

Possible reasons for the call
  • Clothes coming out wet 
  • Dryer not drying 
  • Drum not spinning 
  • LED light flashing 
  • Dryer not on 
  • Dryer smoking

Step 1: Identify the problem

Step 2: Heater errors

Step 3: Fuse

Step 4: Next steps

Step 1: Identify the problem

  1.  Is the dryer on? If not; 
    1. Is the Vehicle system on? (If not, refer to Vehicle System Troubleshooting)
      If the screen on one dryer is not illuminated, the issue cannot be fixed on shift; proceed to step 4.
  2. Is the drum spinning after pressing START? (If not, this is likely a failed blower fan and cannot be fixed on shift; proceed to step 4)

  3. Is the red LED light next to the start button on and solid?
    1. LED light is flashing (proceed to step 2)
    2. LED light is off (proceed to step 3)
  4. Is the dryer smoking?
    1. Has there been recent rain or is the air temperature cold?  (If yes, this is normal dryer function; continue to monitor) 
    2. Is the smoke white or light grey, and dissipates after approx. 10mins (If yes, this is normal dryer function; continue to monitor)
    3. Check the LED light again, is it flashing? (If yes,proceed to step 2)
  5. Is the dryer drying clothes sufficiently after 30 minutes - 1 hour? 
    1. Check the LED light again, is it flashing? (If yes,proceed to step 2)
    2. Refer to the Waru Dryer Resource Hub 

Step 2: Heater Error Codes

Volunteer Check-In
Ensure the volunteer is comfortable with the required quick fixes

Error codes

  1. Identify how many times the LED light is flashing (with a 4 second gaps between sets). Count the flashes with the volunteer. 
  2. Refer to the table below to identify the heater fault

Error codes (1-4, 10, 11)

  • Can likely be resolved on shift
  • Will not require an incident report



Next Steps



Insufficient fuel - the dryer is not receiving sufficient fuel which may be due to insufficient fuel, a false fuel gage, or a fault in the line.



Insufficient fuel/fuel pump fault



Low voltage cut-off - the dryer is not receiving enough power which could be because of a low battery, poor connection or an electrical fault.

  • Check battery percentage on control panel
  • Turn on van to charge battery if needed
  • Complete fuse reset procedure (proceed to step 3)



Ambient temperature too high

  • Open the dryer door
  • Allow cool down (several minutes)
  • Start dryer

Overheat protection

Overheat protection switch has been activated by the dryer



Issue unknown - the dryer is cold.



Control switch failure

Error codes (5-9, 11, 13)

  • Likely cannot be resolved on shift
  • Try vehicle system powering on and off; and proceed to step 4




Next Steps



Replace controller

No on shift fix



Check fuel pump lead connection

No on shift fix



Faulty or damaged heater fan

No on shift fix


Glow plug

Faulty glow plug

No on shift fix



Replace overheating sensor

No on shift fix



Maintenance required

No on shift fix

Step 3: Fuse Reset

  1. Remove the cover from the fuse box (this can be a clear plastic cover, a rubber cover or you may need to turn a dial to open).
  2. Locate the fuse you need to reset, the fuse will labelled according to the appliance.
  3. Pull out the fuse; you may need to wiggle the fuse with your forefinger and thumb up and down (DO NOT WIGGLE FUSES LEFT TO RIGHT), if plastic tweezers are available you may use them.
  4. Re-insert the fuse.
  5. Replace the cover to protect all the fuses.
Multiple fuse resets
The fuse reset procedure may need to be completed up to 4 times on shift. If fuse resets do not fix the issue, proceed to step 4

Step 4: Communicate the next steps with the volunteer

Diagnostic complete, the issue cannot be resolved on shift. You will need to either

  1. Run the shift with reduced capacity
  2. Have a conversation only shift
  3. Pack up and go home

Clearly communicate the options to the volunteer as per the Decision Guide and ensure an incident report has been submitted in order to alert individuals according to the escalation process.

Requirements for an incident report:

  • What was the first indication of an issue?
  • What steps were followed on Service Support?
  • What was the shift outcome?

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