Vehicle Windscreen Repair
  • 13 Oct 2022
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Vehicle Windscreen Repair

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Article Summary

Inspect the Damage

1. Ensure that an incident report has been submitted.

2. Assess that the vehicle is safe to be driven. If the damage impacts the driver's vision or impacts windscreen integrity, the van will be out of operation until repairs can take place.

3. Assess whether the windscreen requires repair or replacement. O'briens will need to know this prior to confirming a booking. The windscreen requires replacement if:

  • It is a stone chip larger than a $1 coin.
  • The damage is obstructing the driver's line of sight.

HQ Staff to Organise Repairs

  1. Refer to the van roster to find a 4 hour window when the repairs can take place (within 9-5 Monday to Friday).

  2. Call O'briens Windscreen repair and replacement on 1800 841 261 and make a booking for either a windscreen repair or windscreen replacement within the 4 hour roster window.

  3. O'briens are able to repair windscreens on site, and will just need the van lockbox code.

  4. Confirm booking and inform local team.

  5. Call service support for payment to be made over the phone.

For further assistance, please call service support.


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